Gods of the Realm

Episode 15: Kruthik Lair

The darkness continues as you press further into the caverns. The light from your torch does little to cure the dreadful feeling you have deep within the keep.

Arden turns to Varro and whispers, “I don’t have a good feeling about this place, it smells like death. Hopefully the others will join us soon.” He peers about the room and floor to see if he can spot any tracks or signs of danger.

“Bah, suck it up Darky. I be figirin dat ya be right at home where it be smellin ov death an such. Lets jus get dis part ov da keep cleared out and den we can be havin an ale or two or tree at da tavern. Ya jus be followin da Cannonball an ev’rting goin ta be jus fine. Lets go, if dos pansy asses wanta go sniffin rocks and slime in dat room den we be gettin dis done right … We got dis. Damnit Darky stop holding on ta me like I be your long lost lassy or something”

“Um, I can see just as well as you my short little friend… That isn’t me holding on to you. Maybe you are holding onto yourself? Are you cold?”
“Den Light a damn torch, jus cause I can see don’t be needin ta be playing seein eye dog ta a bunch of finger wagglers.”

“Haha, I don’t need a damn torch Dwarf! You forget my Elven blood mixed with my Human blood! And Wilam has his light spell, so what are you grumbling about!! You need an ale my friend!”

Seeming confused as to who is holding who, and not wanting anyone to be holding him without his say so, Varro pulls out one of the recently found sunrods and lights the room with it.

Seeing Arden’s hand on his shoulder, "Ya bloody liein Darky, get ya hand off me. Belly Laugh

Arden looks at his two hands again….neither on the Dwarf. “Nope! Not me Shorty! You are still very, very confused!”

Varro places the sunrod back in his pack

“Da least ya could bloody do is warm ya hands up … de be as cold as a well diggers arse”

Arden stuffs his hands down his pants for a few moments, then pulls them out and reaches for the confused Dwarf. “Dat nice an warm fer ya den?” He chuckles, trying to mimic the Dwarf’s accent.

Belimir slowly and carefully follows the two. “What did you find? And why aren`t you waiting for the others?”

“Hey there mes amis! It sure is dark in these caverns isn’t it? Have we found something further in the caves?”

The halfling shuffles up to the rest of the group, interested in what they have found.

A ten-foot-deep pit looks as if it were once concealed by a layer of thin flagstone, which now lies crumpled and broken at the bottom, around the unmoving form of a broken, six-limbed reptile.

Wilam arives behind the group. “I can’t see anything…” Placing his hand on the top of his tome, Wilam speaks a word of light into it and it begins shining brightly.

The cavern brightens instantly with the Light spell of Wilam’s. The pit is illuminated even further, making it much easier to see into.

Other than the obvious pit in front of them, Wilam is unable to notice anything else.

As Arden’s half-elven eyes adjust to the bright light brought by Wilam, he tries to see if there is a way around the pit. “Glad you all joined the party! Brann and Jiles still sleeping in that little cubby we found?” Arden chuckles at his attempt at humor.

“Do we have to climb into this pit to get across or can we get around on the edge?”

Arden turns back to Wilam, “Hey Wilam… are you able to cast that light spell on Varro? Since he is leading the way we should probably put the light on him, and the rest of us just try to stay in range of the light behind him. Hopefully everyone has their own light source if we get seperated.”

“Of course.” Wilam moves up to Varro and touches the blade of his axe, “Φως”. The light of his tome dissipates and the axe head surges with light.

“aye, tanks … so much fer me sneaky ways … belly laugh (echos down the cavern)”

Holding his axe up and out in front of himself, Varro Slowly advances further into the cavern.

As the bright axe moves into the caverns, Arden progresses slowly behind it, and then up beside Varro as he stops. He moves around the outside of the pit, not sure if he wants to try climbing out.

Varro and Arden move forward into the caverns.

On the walls around them, they notice several small tunnels, two feet wide, dug through the wall. Too small for any of the party to fit through though, except Francis.

A nose-wrinkling, snakelike musk issues from further into the chamber ahead.

As Arden moves up beside Varro, the flagstone floor crumbles beneath him, dropping him into a dank pit.

" Ya gots ta be watchin ya step better den dat, Darky. Now get up ere. looks like we’s gots ourselves a fight brewin"

Varro lowers his axe into the pit to help Arden to get out.

While helping Arden out of the pit, Varro looks to the others following up.
“Ya better watch yer steps, looks ta be a minefield of pits and traps up dis way, Wheredahell be dat damn sneaky one? Damnit Lad get yer arse up ere and earn ya keep or I be likely ta start usein ya as me new battering ram!”

Brann enters the room behind the others and finds that they have encountered a bit of a problem. He sees that Arden has fallen down a hole, and Varro is helping him out.

Arden grumbles something about shoddy stonework as he stands and brushes himself off. He looks up to see his buddy Varro lowering his shining axe into the pit. “Thanks Cannonball!” Arden reaches for the axe and pulls himself up with Varro’s help.

“Ok Jiles, enough hiding in the shadows. How about you get up here with Varro and use your skills to prevent this from happening again.” Arden looks over himself making sure he didn’t lose anything in the pit.

Arden, with the help of Varro, easily climbs out of the pit.

“What`s going on up front?” Belimir asks from the safe distance.

“I fell through the floor and into a small pit, and it hurt! Be sure to watch your step everyone, there may be more sink holes around here…”

The slight tumble of debris can be heard echoing throughout the cavern. Subtle scuffling can be heard all around the group.

“A’ight, Ya all follow me, ya step where I step and if I fall ya help me out ov da pit.” Varro advances on.

After scouring the secret room for sometime and then realizing that everyone had left him behind, Jiles dipping and dodging from shadow to shadow hurries to catch up for fear that Varro will make good on his threat to use the lil rogue as a battering ram if he doesn’t start earning his keep. That loony bastard would do it too…

A chittering noise can be heard coming from around the corner in the back of the cavern.

“Der be someting up ere udder den pits….gotta get infront of this big lug before he ruins any chance of me getting the drop on whatever it is up ahead.”

Jiles checks his crossbows with a fluid movement under his cloak and moves ahead around Varro and that god-awful lighted axe.

Varro feeling something brush against his arm, spins to see what it was. seeing nothing he awaits the others to catch up a bit.

The halfling shuffles by the others who seem to be in some sort of trance.

“Pardon moi, friends, I do not wish to miss somezing happening furzer in za caves. Varro wait for me!”

Francis’ voice echoes a bit off the walls of the cavern, he carefully navigates around the open pits and finds himself right behind Varro and his glowing axe.

“Salut Varro. What are we up against? Do ye know yet?”

“I don’t bloody know yet, der might be wraiths or ghosts …someting be holdin me earlier and Darky swore it weren’t he and jus now sumting be brushin up against me …and der was noting der.”

Varro looks around a bit more, then decides it was just a breeze or something.

“Ah, Ze Ghozts and Goblinz. Zey may be here, but we will have to zee!”

Francis wrings his hands around the hilt of his warhammer, preparing for whatever is to come.

Falling down holes and talk about ghosts and goblins, hmmm. Lets try not to get myself in trouble but if there are any otherworldly presences around I should be able to sense them.

Brann moves up to get close to the others and tell them what he’s felt from his surroundings.

“We must be careful,” Brann says to the others, “I sense that there has been much death around us and the spirits of the dead may yet linger.”

Looking over at Varro and winks, “That means we might need to cleave up some ghosts so hold off on the exploring down holes until we’ve finished up.”

The presence of the dead is strong in this section of the caverns. Many things have died in this particular cavern, which does not give a comforting feeling.

Belimir looks at the small holes in the wall. They don`t look good. Something must have made them and it wasn`t for ventilation.

As he was leaning over to see, a few small rocks got into his face and in an effort to shield himself, he raised dust from the floor with his hands which then got into his eyes. He doesn`t see a thing. He tries to pull out his flask and wash his face. I`m not sticking my head anywhere anymore!

Watching Jiles move up in the cavern and not hearing any sounds of battle, Arden decides to move up into the front of the action as well. He creeps along behind Jiles as quietly as possible, entering the shadows.

Moving with stealth and grace Jiles advances into the next chamber
Varro sick of waiting on the others to step up, Advances to the next chamber

Arden does his best to keep up with Varro and Jiles, as silently as possible.

The heroes make their way cautiously farther into the cavern. The chittering gets louder as they reach another bend in the tunnel.

Varro, Arden, and Jiles approach a wider section of the room. As their vision clears through the pitch black cavern, the forms of creatures begin to take shape.

Ahead, several creatures cluster around a small pile of loose
coins and other objects. Many are small, but one is the size of a
human. All resemble six-limbed reptiles with insectlike traits. Silvery chitinous plates cover their bodies and short tails, and each
has four limbs that end in scythelike claws. The creatures have
two smaller limbs, which have finer digits close to the body. The
head is vaguely reptilian, and the lower jaw is a toothed plate
flanked by serrated mandibles.

The creatures hiss at the approach of the adventurers.

As Jiles takes a step closer to meet up with Varro, the floor collapses out from under him, dropping Jiles into another pit trap. He drops ten feet to the bottom of the pit, landing hard on the rock below.

“What iz ze hissing I heeeaarrrr…..?” Francis gets cut short as he falls through yet another camoflauged pit trap, crashing to the bottom hard.

As Belimir investigates the strange holes in the wall, three reptilian creatures emerge from them, scythe-like claws cutting through the air threateningly towards the druid.

BAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Belimir was surprised to see the creatures emerge from the holes in the wall. He gatheres his composure quickly and takes a step back. He changes his shape and roars, summoning a swarm of cave spiders to attack the creatures. These creatures……..I recognize them…

Belimir identifies these creatures as Kruthiks, deadly hunters that live in hives.

Seeing all the enemies that have appeared, Brann is spurred into action.

“By Moradin’s fire, your evil will be cleansed!” he shouts as he moves forward.

The cleric’s eyes begin to simmer and burn. Licks of flame start erupting from his vestments and a divine glow builds around him. The darkness of the caverns is gone as the light grows. The cleric lunges forward, his arms outstretched as the power builds and climaxes in a burst of blinding light. The light travels across the cavern and resolves into a bold being composed of light.

The cleric slumps down after the exhausting display of power but manages a brief muttered prayer to aid the his rogue companion.

Wilam sees the kruthik crawl through the cracks in the wall and instinctively throws a blast of frost at it.

Arden looks around him and realizing they are outnumbered shouts back to the trailing heroes, “We have quite a number of baddies in here boys! Would love some help!” He then focuses on the battle in front of him, dark chanting comes from deep within his chest as he curses the creature nearest him. He then begins chanting louder as a bolt of chaos magic blasts from his rod and into the reptilian beast.

Landing hard on the rocky floor, Francis takes a nasty fall.

“Ow! Zat was unfortunate.”

He stands up, brushing himself off, as he hears the shouts of his comrades as they engage something above the hole.

“Wait for me! I’m in zis hole, I’ll be right out!”

Once Varro’s eyes adjust and he sees the creatures, he springs into action, charging straight ahead towards the biggest of the group.


Varro grumbles.

“oooo, that was good, didn’t even see it coming, Goin to have to get you for that one”

As the lizard creatures emerge from their lairs, Belimir jumps into action. Shifting, he roars and swarms of cave spiders fill the openings in the walls, enveloping the lizard-beasts, dragging their poison-filled bodies into the tunnels to eagerly devour them.

Falling into himself in prayer, Brann shows his true faith, summoning a guardian of Moradin to protect his allies.

An ethereal Dwarven Guardian appears in a flash of light, ready to cleanse the evil threatening the party.

Brann, with a last show of faith, spreads healing words out to Jiles, closing some of the bruises and scrapes he received in the fall.

Wilam, spotting a kruthik hatchling poking its head out of the tunnel, searching for prey, releases a ray of cold at the creature, freezing the lizard-thing where it stands.

Arden, explaining their situation to the group behind him, curses the nearest Kruthik with Supernal hexes, then blasts the creature with Eldritch Energies, searing its scaley hide.

Francis, a bit embarassed having fallen into the pit, brushes himself off, stands up and climbs out of the pit.

Varro springs into action, charging straight ahead towards the largest creature of the group, drawing attacks from every lizard around him, he takes several nasty hits as he closes the distance with the Adult Kruthik.

Varro swings out with no regard for personal safety, clipping Kruthiks left and right, lizard parts flying everywhere.

He crashes into the Adult, his axe driving deep into the scales of the beast, green blood spilling everywhere.

Jiles, bruised but otherwise okay, climbs up out of the pit, ready for action.

The Kruthiks begin swarming the party, apparently very hungry, and having been without fresh meat for some time.

Their limbs, deadly and numerous flail about in a whirlwind of scythe-like claws, the heroes have a very difficult time avoiding their gnashing swipes, a few of the party taking several unavoidable hits.

The adult kruthik rears back and bile-dripping spikes shoot from the back of its hide, barely missing Varro and Jiles.

The youth flanking Varro trashes out at him with its razor sharo claws, raking his back causing the dwarf to cry out in pain.

The hatchling hiding behind the Adult tries its best to claw Varro again, but misses.

Jiles faces off against two Kruthik Youths, both with deadly hunger in their blank black eyes.
The nimble rogue dodges under the quad-strike attack of the first youth, only to run directly into the waiting arms of the second, taking a feirce number of cuts across the chest.

A hatchling surprises Arden from behind as it crawls out from a small tunnel in the wall next to him. The warlock manages to fend off the lizard, enough so it does no real damage to him.

The Guardian of Faith watches stoically over the battle. It wraps it arms around itself, bends over, gathering energy, then explodes, arms shooting out wide to each side as pure white holy light spreads throughout the caverns. The burning power of Moradin fries the lizards, burning their scales, and completely immolating the hatchling.

Varro charges the Largest Kruthik and several of the smaller ones seem to try to stop him to no avail. As Varro begins his charge a hatchling swipes for his leg, Varro kicks it in the face crushing its nose and ending its pitiful life. As the first dies another six-legged lizard snaps at the dwarf, Varro sees it coming and avoids the blunt of the damage, Varro returns the pain with a right cross to the lizards left eye, sending the beast searching for easier prey. Another youth lunges at Varro but misses badly only to soon find Varro’s axe blade slicing it’s soft underbelly, hurt and embarrassed the youth follows it’s brother. A brutish and obviously vicious lizard dives at the dwarf that his brothers failed to take down, the more determined lizard hit but could not penetrate the wonderful Dwarven mail. Varro punches the lizard but it just growls in response. The dwarf presses on to his target, as an ambicious hatchling springs to attack the bellicose heroes head, Varro ducks and then leaps upwards sending the lizard to its death by smashing into the ceiling. Finally reaching his main target, the adult Kruthik, The beast strikes, Varro reacts in time turning away a portion of the damage.

Varro lands an attack with the butt of his axe to the jaw of the lizard, and follows with the blade cutting a deep gash across the creatures mid-section. Seemingly from nowhere, another attack slices the battlerager but with pure determination, He avoids the majority of the pain. The persistant Youth rakes Varro across the back, the cowardly attack catches Varro unaware.

Varro steadies his stance and envokes the power of his armor, healing some of his wounds, and also envoking his dwarven heritage to gain a second wind.

Varro Swings his axe in a vicious arce slicing thru his main target and striking the foe to his back with the follow thru.

Not waiting for a counter attack Varro swings his axe high in a deadly sweep and at the last moment changes his grip and forces the axe into a downward slice, nearly impossible to avoid.

Jiles climbs out of the pit to face a savage beast with a nasty goose-egg forming on the side of its head, he dodges the attack from this one and runs smack into his brother. Not so lucky on his dodge attempt this time, Jiles takes a nasty beating from the creature, then seamingly from no where Jiles is struck for an additional wound.

“hey yo, wait a second, give a fella a chance here.”

Jiles fires a crossbow at one of the creatures, the one with the goose egg, and scurries away into the shadows.

As Jiles moves up, Arden takes the opportunity to move closer to the battle, positioning himself for an area attack. Arden curses the beast in front of him and begins chanting and gesturing, pointing his rod towards the group as he unleashes a deafening clap of thunder upon them. While the thunder is still booming throughout the caverns, Arden quickly begins chanting again, channeling dark flames into his rod and releasing them onto the Large Kruthik. Liquid flames seem to pour out of nowhere, washing over the Kruthik and searing its scaley hide.

Wilam’s mind begins to race as he realizes he’s out of reach of his companions. He hears the sounds of battle from the darkness and moves as quickly as possible without falling into a pit. He follows the western wall, his hand extended to keep constant contact with the wall. What have I gotten myself into? This is outrageous!

Belimir rushes to help his friends. Seeing there is a Kruthik around the corner, he changes back to his human form and summons a torrent of water to drown the threatening creature.

Seeing the rogue being attacked again, Brann channels his healing energies into him to bolster Jiles’ reserves. He then blasts the closest Kobold with divine light and uses this to aid the rogue further.

Francis moves carefully around the pit and summons his divine strength to attack the youth that has not seen as much action. He growls at the lizard, challenging it to mortal combat. The lizard seems to understand the threat and turns to meet the halfling, towering over the Paladin.

Varro summons his dwarven resolve, pulling strength from the ancient brethren who made his armor, and endurance within himself to shake off most of his wounds.

He slices his axe in a vicious arch, cutting through his main target and striking the foe behind him with the powerful follow through.

Varro eyes the Adult Kruthik dangerously, and not waiting for a counter attack, Varro steps through his follow-through, shifting the weight of the axe as it passes over his head, and bringing it screaming down in a downward slice, moving impossibly fast and near unavoidable.

His axe bites deep into the Kruthik, green blood pouring from a gaping wound. The creature is obviously very badly hurt.

Jiles loads his crossbow in a flash and fires the bolt at point-blank range into the young kruthik, as he releases the trigger he expertly moves around the lizard and falls into the shadows, sneaking up behind the Adult Kruthik, ready to plunge his blade into the creatures back as it is busy with Varro.

He takes a deep breath, steadying himself and he stashes his crossbow and silently unsheathes his shortsword.

Arden takes the moment of distraction to move closer to the battle, finding the perfect spot for an attack to harm the entire room.
He calls forth the curses from beyond onto the Youth in front of him, and begins chanting and gesturing. He points his rod towards the group as a deafening thunder clap booms throughout the small cavern. As the creatures reel in pain from the thunder, Arden releases dark flames onto the larger Kruthik, searing the scaley hide, burning its soft flesh underneath.

The adult kruthik lets out a squeeling cry as the fires consume its body.

Wilam, hearing the sounds of battle races to reach his companions. He tries desperately to not fall into a pit as he makes his way through the dark cave, hand on the wall guiding him. He curses the situation to himself quietly as he moves.

Belimir, charging to catch up with his friends, spots another hatchling peeking out of a tunnel, so the druid washes out the tunnels with a torrent of water.

Brann channels his holy powers to once again heal his companions wounds. Warm radiance falls over Jiles as Moradin works on closing the cuts and bruises across his body.

The cleric finishes healing Jiles, and begins concentrating on cleansing the closest lizard with divine purity, but is unsuccessful in summoning offensive magics so close to mending injuries. More healing power flows from Brann’s attempt at an assault and increase Jiles’ resolve.

Francis moves carefully around the pit and summons his divine strength to attack the youth that has not seen as much action. He growls at the lizard, challenging it to mortal combat. The lizard seems to understand the threat and turns to meet the halfling, towering over the Paladin.

He swings but with no conviction, missing the lizard as it dodges left and right past the slow-moving hammer.

The Kruthiks lash out again, gnashing their limbs across the heroes, causing more damage throughout the cave.

The youth behind Varro misses the dwarf cleanly after its barrage of slicing limbs.

The kruthik retaliates against Francis, but cannot penetrate the halflings reinforced armor.

The bloodied kruthik near Arden lands a solid strike on the Warlock, cutting through his robes and slicing his leg.

The hatchling poking its head out of the tunnel near Brann, moves back into the maze and pops out near Wilam, sythe-claws leading.
It rakes at the wizard, catching him on the back of the thigh, drawing a slim trickle of blood through his robes.

Brann’s Guardian unleashes another cleansing blast inside of the cave, the divine time-bomb blasting the Kruthiks left in the cave.

Seeing that Varro has things under control and Arden and francis are being pressed by Youths, Jiles Slides into combat with the Youths, Maintaining his stealth.

Having seen his main target fall, Varro spins on the cowardly creature attacking his rear. Varro slides closer to Francis to aid his friend once this beast is dispatched.

“Ya be holdin it tagetter der half-pint, I be a comin!”

Gasping for breath as the Kruthik tears into his leg, Arden turns towards the nearest foe and calls forth a dark blast of eldritch energy. “How many of these damned things are there?!”

Wilam is taken by complete surprise by the kruthik’s assault. He covers his wounded thigh with his hand and backs against the opposite wall of the cave.

“Damned creature! To the Abyss with you… Παγωνιά!” Wilam throws his hand towards the insectoid creature and throws a beam of frost.

Moving carefully forwards to avoid the pits, Brann goes to aid the bloodied halfling.

Belimir rushes forward to help his allies and nearly falls into the pit. He avoids it and goes around. Seeing the creatures are grouped, he summons another torrent of water to cleanse the area.

Francis strikes again with Holy resolve against the young Kruthilk.

Jiles, seeing that his friends have things under control, slides in between the youths hidden in shadow.

He then strikes out from the darkness, driving his blade deep into the backside of the Lizard, sticky green blood flowing freely as the beast lashes about in its throes of death.

Varro, having to switch targets, spins on the cowardly creature behind him. He slides closer to Francis trying to protect the weakened halfling, and hold off the beast.

He swings wickedly at the Kruthik, his axe cutting into the creature so that it never moves again.

Startled and gasping for breath at the sudden injury, Arden turns towards the beast that attacked him, calling forth a quick blast of Eldritch energy.

The young kruthik gets hit barely by the blast, getting thrown back against the far wall, slumping to the ground in a dead heap.

Wilam, taken by surprise, bends down and covers his wounded leg with one hand, instinctually protecting himself by throwing an icy ray at his aggressor. The freezing bolt flies from his palm and strikes the Hatchling dead, the creature taking its last breath before it even hits the ground.

Brann moves carefully around the pits and aids the bleeding paladin.

With no more threats present in the caves, combat comes to an end.

Arden glances around the room at the walls, expecting more creatures to spring forth at any moment…. none do. “Well I sure could use a rest after all that… casting so many spells is quite draining!” Arden moves over to the pile of coins and other items that the Large Kruthik was sitting on top of and begins gathering the coins and searching for valuables. He turns over anything he finds to the group’s dual action Cannonball-Pack Mule.

Catching his breath after the battle, Varro Restores some of his life force. Then begins searching the area for anything of value.

Wilam finally catches up to the group… he was not prepared for the carnage before him. The splattered insects and horrible smells… Eugch! “Is everyone alright?” He does a quick headcount.

“Where’s Jiles?”

“I’m Here” Jiles reveals himself from the center of the carnage. “Ya missed a heller of a show, ol’ Cannonball tore em up!”

Jiles moves to help Varro and Arden go through the loot
“Francis, buddy, how you feeling? Looked like they liked the taste of you.”

“Good, then we’re all accounted for…”
Wilam turns to Arden and agrees, “I think we look like we’re about ready for a rest, too. I know my old bones could use some relief.”

Arden nods at Wilam. “Maybe we should camp outside then? We don’t want to get caught by any patrols that notice all the corpses around here! It would also be a good time to take Ehud’s corpse outside… maybe Brann or Francis could give him a proper passage to the afterlife.”

Varro opens the chest, and examines the contents

“Aye, nice. Belimir, Shinies!”

Varro braces himself for the incoming Belimir

Belimir just changed shape into a panther when he heard the word shinies! The cat raised his head, a broad smile on his face and started running in full speed towards Varro, jumping at the chest and nearly knocking the dwarf to the ground. He starts examining each of the gems, and decides to keep one, throwing the rest away. He changes back to his human form, his eyes sparkling with happiness. “Ooooooooooooh it`s BEAUTIFULL! Look at it. LOOK AT IT! Thank you Varro, oh you little dwarf. I don`t know where`d you get the nose for these things, but you`ve got it!” Belimir starts playing with his new gem.

“Aye zat zey did! Must be somezing in my halfling blood! Ztupid inzects!” Francis goes about tending wounds and checking the condition of his armor.

Brann briefly looks over the chest but then turns to his companions. He moves from one to another, carefully checking even minor injuries and assisting with dressing the wounds.

“Well that was a rather large pack of beasts but we’ve still got to deal with those worshippers of evil that have defiled this keep.”

He turns to Belimir, “After I’ve seen to Ehud, we will have some time to discuss those stories you were interested in earlier. I’d also like to hear more about your adventures.”

Turning once more to Ehud’s corpse, Brann holds back the emotions of yet another companion lost.

“I shall carry out a ritual to preserve Ehud’s body to ward off any evil and preserve his corpse until we return to town.” Brann turns to the corpse to begin his ministrations.

After carefully stashing away all the coins and gems, Varro offers his assistance to Brann. “Brudder, I be ere if ya be needin me”

“Your prayers will be welcome brother. Although we have defeated many of the followers of evil this day, we have lost a champion for good and above all a friend.”

Varro nods and waits in silence while Brann finishes his ritual.

Belimir usually wasn`t this close to tears. Nature taught him how to deal with loss of close friends. Still, seeing the two dwarves mourn the loss of their friend almost brought a tear in Belimir`s eye. This new feeling of grief was strange to him. He tried to speak something but couldn`t find the right words. “I………….Ehud was………He………What the hell is going on with you!” Realizing he said that outloud, he quickly closed his mouth and silently observed as Brann performed the ritual.



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